Some ecological aspects of main pests and predators incidence on sweet basil in Assiut governorate, Egypt


  • A. K. Abou El-Saad Plant Protection Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Dokki, Giza


Incidence of arthropod pests and predators on sweet basil, Osimum basilicum L. have been studied during 2017 and 2018 growing seasons in a semi-arid newly reclaimed land (Arab El-Awamer, Abnob, Assiut governorate, Egypt). Results recorded thirty eight arthropod species belong to 27 families and 10 orders incidence on sweet basil. Destructive pest species comprised 20 species belongto 14 families and 7 orders, predaceous species composed 13 species of 10 families and 6 order and five visitor species belong to 5 families and 3 orders. In addition. results showed that Empoasca decipiens (Paoli), Bemisia tabaci (Genn.), Aphis gossypii (Glover), Tetranychus urtica (Koch) and Thrips tabaci (Lind.) were the main pests recorded on sweet basil, and the dominant predaceous species were Coccinella undecimpunctata (L.), Chrysopa carnea (Steph.), Scymnus interruptus (Goeze), Stethorus punctillum (Weise), Orius albidipennis (Rossi) and Scolothrips longicornis (Priesnes) on sweet basil. Results indicated that a heavey infestation with E. decipiens, B. tabaci, T. urticae and T. tabaci to the sweet basil occurred in July, while A. gossypii was found in August during the two seasons. A heavey incidence of predaceous species, S. longicornis, S. punctillum, O. albidipennis and S. interruptus were recorded in July, where C. undecimpunctata and C. carnea were observed in August on sweet basil during the two seasons. Results also cleared that the correlation between the previous pests and predators was highly significant positive or a significant positive. It could be concluded that there are great numbers of predators that they can play an important role in biological control of the main pests attacking sweet basil to avoid hazardous to environment with chemical pesticides.


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