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Journal of Phytopathology and Disease Management (PPDJ), formerly known as Journal of Phytopathology and Pest Management, serves as an esteemed platform for the dissemination of original research encompassing various aspects of Plant Pathology 

Manuscripts submitted to PPDJ are evaluated based on their novelty, significance, scientific rigor, and relevance to the journal's readership. The journal maintains a fully open-access policy and adheres to the Creative Commons Attribution license, ensuring that all published research can be freely accessed, downloaded, copied, and distributed, provided appropriate acknowledgment and citation are given.

Furthermore, PPDJ offers a convenient platform for reviewers to showcase their contributions by allowing them to add their reviews conducted for the journal to their Publons or ReviewCredits profiles. This commitment to transparency and accessibility underscores the journal's dedication to advancing the field of Plant Pathology and Disease Management.


The Journal of Phytopathology and Disease Management provides a thorough forum for the exchange of information and research in the area of plant pathology and disease management. We cover a broad range of subjects, such as pathogen biology, disease detection, host-pathogen interactions, epidemiology, disease management techniques, emerging illnesses, the effects of climate change, sustainable agriculture, biotechnological methods, biosecurity, and case studies. Our goal is to improve our understanding of phytopathology and spread practical disease management techniques for food security, environmental sustainability, and the health of plant ecosystems. We encourage contributions from scholars and practitioners from all around the world.

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