Influence of certain eco-physiological factors on predation efficiency of Gambusia affinis (Baird and Girard) on Culicine mosquito larvae

Sawsan A.K. El-Hadeeti, A. I. Farghal, T. M. Abo-Elmaged, Y. A. Darwish, M. A.K. Nasser


The effect of light, water temperature and pH on the predation efficiency of Gambusia affinis (Baird and Girard) on Culex pipiens L. (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquito larvae was studied under laboratory conditions. Significant predation rate was recorded in light than in darkness for both male and females, despite fish size. The temperature 30°C showed the most favorable degree for predation compared with 25 and 35°C. Also, the predatory efficiency of G. affinis on mosquito larvae was significant at pH 9 than on 7 and 12.  The present results should be taken in consideration in biological control of mosquito larvae.


Mosquito Culicine, Gambusia affinis, Temperature, pH, Light.

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