Journal of Phytopathology and Pest Management

An international double blind peer-review open access journal (pISSN:2356-8577, eISSN: 2356-6507) focus on:

Plant diseases caused by: bacteria, fungi, oomycetes, phytoplasmas, nematodes, parasitic higher plants, protozoa, viruses, viroids and environmental toxins
Weed disease control
Postharvest disease control
Animal pests control
Forest pests and diseases
Biological control
Integrated Pest Management
Relationships among pest or pathogen, host and environment
Evaluated of Pesticides
New control strategies
Entomology and pest control
Genetic studies related to pest or disease control


Journal calls for original paper, note that are not published or not being considered for publication elsewhere.


All submitted papers will be evaluated as soon as possible, rapid publication and there are no costs for review process . The journal does not assess page charges and color figures that enhance the quality of papers are provided free of charge. Individual manuscripts will be published as soon as they are ready, by adding them to the current issue's table of contents.

The journal is published in both print and online versions,and the online version is available for free.

  • Starting from september 2016, all new submitted articles will be checked for plagiarism detection. 
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 Global Impact Factor (2015): 0.454


Author Guidelines


Vol. (5), Issue (2)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Evaluation of commercial honey bee queens quality in Egypt PDF ePub HTML
A. M. Ahmed, A. M. Moustafa, M. M. Khodairy, M. F. Abou-Ghadir 1-11
Monitoring the fluctuations of certain piercin sucking pests infesting cucumber plants at Sohag governorate, Egypt PDF ePub HTML
M. M. Tantawy, S. H. Hammouda, F. K. Aly Marwa, H. H. Mekhemer 12-24
Integration between soil solarization and four biofungicides for controlling garlic white rot disease PDF ePub HTML
Noher A. Mahmoud 25-47
Efficiency of some organic acids as safe control mean against root and stem rot disease of Coleus forskohlii PDF ePub HTML
A. E.A. Halawa, A A.M. Ali, M. M.H. Hassanin 48-62
Analysis of varietal response to bakanae infection Fusarium fujikuroi and gibberellic acid through morphological, anatomical and hormonal changes in three rice varieties PDF ePub HTML
R. A.S. Elshafey, A. M. Tahoon, F. A. El-Emary 63-87
Antifungal activity of different size controlled stable silver nanoparticles biosynthesized by the endophytic fungus Aspergillus terreus PDF ePub HTML
M. A. Mohamed, H. M. Hussein, A. A.M. Ali 88-107
Biology of rice kernel smut disease causal organism Tilletia barclayana and its molecular identification PDF ePub HTML
Rabie A.S. Elshafey 108-128
Laboratory host selection and development of immature Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) on fruits and artificial diets PDF ePub HTML
Marwa F. K. Aly 129-142

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